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Bridal-Make-up: 10 Styling-Don’t-Do’s!

Smudged Lipstick, too dark eyes – here are some Do's & Don'ts for your Bridal-Make-up.

1. Don’t overdo it

You want to look wonderful and the most beautiful on the best day of your Life? We show you how to avoid certain common mistakes to say „I do“ at your best.

Less is more:  especially at your Wedding day. 
Don’t apply too much and too dark Make-up and avoid too much colour (remember: red isn’t always red and some of us it simply doesn’t suit). The Bridal-Make-up should look naturally and compliment your type. Don’t try out any experiments and please do not forget the waterproof Mascara for your tears of joy! 


2. Hair-Styling


Especially if you have long hair: don’t try a complicated hairdo last minute. Try out the Styling you want to go for early enough with your hairdresser and discuss what you want and what is possible. 
As you all know: at no other day of your life you will have so many Photos taken of yourself. And with a little bit of planning you can avoid bad surprises. 

To give your hair that irresistible shine, start early enough with your hair care so in case your hair is dull and damaged, it has time to repair and heal. Don’t overdo it or you will have a complete different shine on your hair altogether. Simply use a good conditioner once a week and let it soak. At the big day your hairdresser will probably apply some glossy hairspray anyway to give your hair the spot-on shine.

3. Curls / Corkscrew Curls


Back in fashion they are a nice addition to a more natural look. IF IT IS WELL DONE! If you usually have straight hair, too many curls might look old-fashioned… the 80ies are long gone so just go with a few natural ones that compliment your style and make sure to discuss this with your hairdresser. 

The really good ones know exactly what makes you look good and not dolled up! There are many websites with suggestions for bridal hairdos, this one is just one of them.


4. A fairytale complexion

You want to steal the show rather with your white gown instead of your white legs? Of course! 

And a white / blush / cream dress simply looks much better on a slight tan. 

HOWEVER: don’t overdo it in either the sun bed or with the spray-tan. Nobody wants to look like Snookie or worse: like a leathery brown saddlebag with eyes! If you do not have the alabaster look that (I believe) only Nicole Kidman can wear, start easy on the sun bed or with the spray tan and stop early enough. You don’t want to look totally tangerine or worse: sunburnt on your Wedding day!



5. The right choice of lipstick colour


As mentioned earlier –bright red is totally popular at the moment however does not suit all of us. If you want to go for a bright red always remember that there are so many shades to choose from. If you must go for it because it is your style, take your time choosing the right one. 

However brides should rather stay away from it and that for two reasons:

a)      Make sure whoever applies your bright-red lipstick has the right gear to fixate the lipstick with loose powder or any other magic device a make-up artist would have.
b)      You don’t want to hear someone singing all night long “...check my collar, collar... damdadadam...“ because with every hug and kiss on the cheek you leave your mark for the day and ... on all those photos.

Better are pale Rosé or Nudes – that matches so much better to the many shades of white and blush that are out there this season.

6. No Smokey Eyes!

A bit too much colour...


If you do not plan a themed Wedding in the likes of „True Blood“ or „Twilight“ you should as a bride rather stay away from that look on your wedding day. That look is great for a night-out or going clubbing but not really for the “I Do”. 
The contrast to the usually very bright wedding dress is way too hard. Let your make-up artist advice what suits you and the outfit of the day best and rather go for bright, light colours like Rosé, silver or Beige-gold. 

7. Beautiful Nails


I believe we don’t need to mention that a bride’s hands and nails should be perfectly manicured on that day.

An absolute Beauty-Don’t: long claws or any tacky nail-art. 
Don’t forget the toes: especially if you are wearing Peep-Toes or funky High-Heel-Sandals or if you simply decide at a later stage to kick off those heels and dance barefoot. 

As a bride, you have to be prepared for every situation. Colours that do well on that day: all shades of pastel-rosé, beige, transparent and soft reds.

8. Flowers in your hair


You want to get married as a romantic flower girl? Great Idea! The natural style is very popular this season; however please remember that not all natural flowers are suitable for that bridal hair-do! There are great hair designs out there that incorporate “fake” flowers that look totally chic. 

If you want to go for the real deal we recommend Orchids and baby’s breath (Gypsophila paniculata). They survive best without water for a long time and you still look great when we film you at your first dance together ;)


9. Avoid blushing


Might sound silly but no matter what the season: try to avoid that hot shower just before slipping into your Wedding dress. If you are nervous and prone to an outbreak of red patches due to that, this will actually enforce it! 

That by the way counts also for too salty food! So keep an eye on your salt intake the evening before your wedding: your lymph might swell and swollen eyes are the result of that. 

10. Last but not least: Lingerie


Do not wear any underwear that is too tight. If you wear too tight lingerie it will be quite visible when you wear this wonderful satin gown (if it is not lined properly inside). 

If your dressmaker / wedding shop does not offer lingerie that goes with their dresses, go to a specialized Lingerie shop that will fit you and if you can – take the dress with you to make sure all is seamless. 

Your goal should be: no visibility and the best comfort for you throughout the day.

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Marriage Preparation courses - Accord - March 2012

The following courses are available to BOOK ONLINE with

2nd & 3rd March 2012  Ballyroan, Dublin

2nd & 3rd March 2012  Killiney, Dublin  
23rd & 24th March 2012  Leixlip, Dublin
23rd & 24th March 2012  Whitefriar Street, Dublin
30th & 31st March 2012  Donaghmede, Dublin

29th Mar & 14th Apr 2012  Ennis, Clare 
30th Mar & 28th Apr 2012  Ennis, Clare   

23rd & 24th March 2012  Ballincollig, Cork
23rd & 24th March 2012  Mallow, Cork 
30th & 31st March 2012  Cobh, Cork 

23rd & 24th March 2012  Derry, Derry

23rd & 24th Mar 2012  Donegal, Donegal 
30th & 31st March 2012  Inishowen, Donegal

23rd & 24th March 2012  Clane, Kildare 
30th & 31st March 2012  Portlaoise, Laois 
23rd & 24th March 2012  Ballina, Mayo 
23rd & 24th March 2012  Monaghan, Monaghan

9th & 10th March 2012  Thurles,Tipperary 
23rd & 24th Mar 2012  Thurles, Tipperary
23rd & 24th March 2012  Waterford,Waterford
 2nd & 2rd March 2012  Wexford, Wexford 

Waiting List: 30th March 201230th & 31st March 2012  Foxrock, Dublin

Booking Now:

9th March 20129th & 10th March 2012  Bantry, Cork 
23rd March 201223rd & 24th Mar 2012  Kilkenny,Kilkenny 
30th March 201230th & 31st March 2012 Sligo, Sligo 


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Got engaged at Valentine`s Day?

Congratulations from Gaffey Productions to all couples who got engaged last night .

If you look for a Videographer for YOUR Wedding Video – you just found the right one!

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Gaffey Productions - Your Videographer for your Wedding Video

How to get in contact with us:

Share us - like us - follow us - contact us... endless possibilities.

Gaffey Productions - Digital Memories Forever!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Gaffey Productions at the Carlton Shearwater Hotel Wedding Exhibition 12.02.2012

Don't miss Gaffey Productions at our next Wedding Fair, February 12th 2012 at the Carlton Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe.
The Wedding Exhibition will be starting at 1pm until 6pm.

Exclusively with special guest 'Franc' it will be the most exciting bridal show in the Midlands!

Also the Carlton will be launching their award winning online wedding service "Moposa". Follow the link to find out more about it.

You will have the chance to speak to us directly and see our Wedding Highlight sample which is also to be seen on our website

Gaffey Productions offers you 5 different Menu Styles you can choose from. Some of them you might have already seen on this blog. Have a look for yourself on our stand and if you wish you can preview some of them on our website or dedicated YouTube Channel

Like us on Facebook and keep up to date with our latest informations about us, Videography & upcoming events.

Stay tuned on this blog for more informations about Weddings & more.

Don't forget the date:
12.02.2012 Carlton Shearwater Hotel Ballinasloe. 

You will see how your finalised product will look like if Gaffey Productions is filming your Wedding Day!  

We are here to answer all the questions you might have regarding your Wedding Video.

Gaffey Productions - Digital Memories Forever!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Videographer vs Photographer

Today we would like to share a very funny video with you called Photographers vs Videographers - Epic Battle:


I am sure not everyone of us Videographers or Photographers feel this way :)

In fact, we work quite well together.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

29.02.2012 – Ladies’ don’t hesitate - it’s your turn!

As you all might know: 29th of February is a day where woman could / can / should propose.

Four years ago (when we had the last leap day) we were at a party where some friends were messing with us and the girls asking me to propose to my now husband. I first didn’t know what was up with that and this is how I came across this “tradition” and read a little bit into it.

Generally a Leap Day is happening every 4 years in our Gregorian calendar. The Leap Years were introduced over 2000 years ago when the Roman calendar transitioned into the Julian calendar in 45 BC.

It seems that woman proposing on this very day is a well known tradition in Ireland / England that originated in Ireland centuries ago. However some scripts say that it originated 1288 in Scotland where it was made legal for woman to propose to a man however only during a Leap Year.

According to the Irish legend the tradition started out in the 5th century when St Bridget made a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men every 4 years. It is believed that St Bridget wanted to balance the traditional roles of woman and men in a similar way the 29th of February - Leap Day - balances the calendar.
In some areas this day has also been called “Bachelors’ Day” for exactly the same reason.

However there are different versions of the tradition that are as such

·         if a man receives a marriage proposal on a leap day, he must accept it (well – if a Lady is brave enough to ever propose dare you say no anyway!!)

·         if the man declines the proposal he must give the Lady a silk gown (or textile so she can make herself one) or even money and kiss her as compensation

·         if a man refuses he has to buy a pair of gloves (some say even 12 pair of gloves) so the rejected Lady can hide her embarrassment of not wearing an engagement ring

·         in the Middle Ages the government even had a law for men who rejected the proposal and did not give the above mentioned gifts must pay a substantial fine

Thankfully we are not in Greece:
the Greek superstition claims that couples who are getting married during a leap year will have bad luck with their marriage. They will be especially unlucky if they get married on the 29th of February. One in five engaged couples in Greece actually DO follow this ancient superstition and avoid planning their wedding day during a Leap Year.

Out of the question:
Woman ARE allowed to propose and why shouldn’t they ;) It does not have to be on leap day of course but if you want to follow the tradition….. what is stopping you?

If anything – watch this space and follow up with us again in March.

If you know a woman who intends to propose at 29.02.2012 - watch this space and keep us in mind!

Gaffey Productions might have a special surprise for you in stock!

No feelings were (hopefully) harmed during this article ;)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Wedding Fairs February 2012

04.-05.02.2012 Kilronan Luxury Castle Hotel Ireland will be hosting their Wedding Fair
Kilronan Castle, Ballyfarnon, Co. Roscommon 

The Waterside Hotel Dublin 2-6pm


Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel 2-5pm

The Station House Hotel Meath 2-6pm
Regency Hotel, Dublin 1-5pm
Clanard Court Hotel, Kildare 3-6pm
Galway Bay Hotel 2pm

Hodson Bay Hotel
Springfield Hotel, Kildare 12-6pm

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin Blanchardstown
Radisson Blu Farnham Estate Hotel, Cavan 12-4pm

The Clare County Bridal Exhibition 1-5.30pm
Mount Juliet, Kildare 2-5pm

Save the date: meet Gaffey Productions at the Carlton Shearwater Hotel - 12.02.2012
Come and meet us in person, see what we have to offer and ask us any questions you may have around your Wedding Video. We are at the Wedding Exhibition on the 12th of February 2012 from 1pm – 6pm.
With special guest 'Franc' it will be the most exciting bridal show in the Midlands!


16.02.2012 Thomas Prior Hall, Dublin 5.30-8.30

17.-19.02.2012 Boyne Hill House Estate, Louth

18.02.2012 Druids Glen Resort, Wicklow 10-5pm



Cork International Airport Hotel 2-6pm

Thomas Prior Hall, Dublin 2-6pm
Leixlip Manor and Gardens, Kildare 12:30pm - 6pm
Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel Wedding Fair, Dublin 1-5pm
Lucan Spa Hotel, Dublin 1-5pm
Glenview Hotel, Wicklow 1pm to 5pm
Dunboyne Castle Hotel, Meath 1-5pm
CityNorth Hote, Meath 2-6pm
Whites of Wexford, Wexford 2-6pm

25.-26.02.2012 Carlton Millrace Hotel Wedding Showcase,Wexford 2-6pm

Randles Court Hotel, Kerry
Castle Arch Hotel, Meath 2-5pm

10.-11.03.2012 Spring Wedding Expo is to be held at The Hub Co. Kilkenny 

The Hub, 4-5 Cillin Hill, Dublin Rd, Kilkenny
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